Sorry it's been such a long while since I wrote in here last. Much has happened since April, too much to be summed up in a post. But I'm still avidly baking and making.

Two weekends ago Anchor Archives, a great little zine library here in Nova Scotia, hosted a record and zine fair to coincide with the Halifax Pop Explosion. Me and my roommate decided to get a table and see what we could muster together.

I wish I had some photos o the great little notebooks Krista constructed, or the zine we compiled with pictures rom our trip to New York or the vegan cupcakes, but these will have to do. Some o the designs I made or t-shirts and a bill murray scarf I sold there.

I screenprinted all the designs on. I took a class on it over the summer with a fabulous teacher. Later posts will show the labours of that class. Here are some bill Murray circa The Life Aquatic and Angela Davis t-shirts, plus some tote bags to haul around records.
All in all, the air was a sucess and tons of fun. I found myself a new pen pal, picked up a
zine on how to pee outside for ladies which is full of laughs and got to converse with some fellow crafters.

Another Portfolio Update

Hey guys, I just got around to updating the portfoio after finally finishing my first semester at NSCAD. I made a giant viewmaster and the pictures that follow are on the reel inside the viewmaster. That was super fun and I realized I really enjoy building stuff! Hopefully there will be more in store.

I've also been trying to complete this set of four dolls based on the Beat character(Jack Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs, etc.) but I'm having a tricky time trying to figure out how to make the faces look realistic to the degree that they're recognizable.

Then I completed an ink drawing that my mom is well deserving of. I kinda gave her a gift only to take it back and sell it so that one is especially for her.

And I'm so jazzed to tell you all that I sold my first painting. Words can't describe how jazzed I am about the whole affair. I've been walking around with a big head for over two weeks.

Anyways, i'll keep you guys in the loop cause I've got a full summer dedicated to making and creating all day long.

Portfolio Update

I've updated the portfolio section with a couple new drawings and pieces I've been working on and the main reason why this blog hasn't been cared for the way it should be in the last couple of months. I'm entering the two self portraits and chuck close drawings into the foundation year show at the seeds gallery here in Nova Scotia so fingers crossed.

So it's down to the final weeks in my first year at NSCAD so I've been a busy lady with all the final projects coming up. My photo project that I mentioned about collectors is well on it's way to being finished. I've done a campigan poster for Hilary Obama where I morphed both Barack and Mrs Clintons face. And I've been working on barbie sized dolls for my constructed form class in the same vain as the ones I made for Adam and Taras wedding for those of you who seen them.
Sorry if I've been a non-communitative daughter, friend, niece, grandaughter etc. in the last couple months but baked goods are promised in the NEAR future.

Portfolio Update

Sorry for the lapse in posting. School has been keeping my hands busy but I've got a full week off that started yesterday so I'm hoping to get done all those things I've been meaning to do in the last little while and that included updating the blog.
I've added some of the drawings I've been working on lately on the portfolio section. I recentley did one of my grandmother and when I went for a visit yesterday to proudly show it off to her she immediatley said:
"I look old"
"Well how old are you" I mustered up
"77" she peeped
And that was the end of that.
The painting above is something I've been tinkering with and I swear it will soon be the death of me. I'm probably 1/100th of a way completed and that might be over exaggerating. I might have been thinking a little too ambious when I picked up the 30 by 40 inch canvas cause I'm already starting to pull out my hair over it.
But on a lighter note and to try and distract me from the aforementioned misery I've been focusing on a photography project that will be my final assignment for the class. We have to produce 10 prints with a reoccuring theme and I'm really debating with the one that keeps on popping up. I'm thinking of taking pictures of collectors, people who collect various things be it seashells to stamps. I like the fact that these little collections become part of who that person is and the topic of endless conversation from them. But I need some help, while I've posted little posters around town to see if anyone will proudly come forward and let them photograph them I'm running dry on ideas for all 10. So far I've got a lady who collects plates, one who covets first run books, another who collects those decrotive spoons, a vinyl enthuasist, a tattoo conniosuer and I've made myself a subject as one I'm not proud of but have to admit to being a clothe horse. What do you guys think, interesting idea or tired? Who would be an interesting subject? I'm really hoping for someone to come forward with a snowglobe collection. And what do you collect?

La Family

I finally got around to developing some photos I had taken from the summer thanks to the new photography class I'm in. There were some real treasures hiding out in all those rolls of film. Some from a cottage trip, concert photos, Capillano Suspension Bridge and wonderful memories of Vancouver like the Lantern Festival.

But the real magic was two full rolls of photos from my cousins wedding in the summer. Adam married the ever-lovely Tara and had an incredible wedding celebration in Calgary. It's so great to finally see the photos again cause it's so rare you get a whole clan together.

If anyones wants a print or two let me know. I'd be more than happy to send some your way.
Aww, this just dawned on me; If anyone has an objection to having this face broadcasted over the web let me know.

Imitating the Masters

We had an assignment this week or drawing class...
We had to choose an artist we admire...
Pick one of his drawings to duplicate...

And draw another picture of a subject of your choice, in the style of the artist...

I choose Chuck Close...
He does HUGE; think the size of your biggest wall, photo realist drawings...

Done on a grid with every detail exact, each and every hair...

And this is what I came up with...

Expect maybe ten times smaller.

Party Hard with Seniors

This week me and my aunt, with the help of a lovely friend hosted a big birthday party for a special lady who turned 70 the other day. We were manic thinking we wouldn't get everything done in time and when we weren't worrying about trying to hide the party fact from the birthday girl we we're trying to hide all our evidence.

That's why I haven't been able to post anything of the last week though I've been busy making cakes and candy and confections. But haven't been able to display cause the birthday girl is an avid viewer of this blog.

Unfortunately being a student I had to go to class and ended up missing the whole affair but I've heard word for word, timeline included, of the party and it sounds like it was successful affair.

Have you ever realized how a lot of desserts involve fruit? I never even thought of it before I was told that the birthday girl has NEVER been a fruit lover so I went on a mad hunt to find a cake without a blemish of fruit and decided on a Lemon Curd Cake with Meringue Sticks.

And out of fear that there wouldn't be enough to feed the masses, I made another one. This one being a Red Wine Cake. I'm not to pleased with the outcome, it was too pound-ish cake tasting and looked like a confused art piece rather than something edible.

Tarts were a plenty. I made a turtle-esque tart filled with salted caramel, roasted pecans and topped with a chocolate ganache.

And something new, chocolate dipped figs stuffed with pistachios. Really easy and quick to make but if your thinking of doing something similar I would stuff it with almonds for a little more crunch.

And lastly Sponge Toffee for all.

Home at Last

So I've had time in the last week to really discover Halifax. There were probably errands I could have run that were of importance to do with school and resumes but I couldn't help frolicking around this old city. I've already made some new favorite haunts including the farmers market held every Saturday. I promise to add some pictures of the place cause it is absolutely grand. Housed in the Alexander Keiths Brewery, it has 3 floors that have been lay ed out like a maze so you always feel like your finding a new secret around every corner. Artisan cheeses and meats and fresh brussel sprouts and root veggies, the place is a wonderland.
And then there is this little store called the Bulk Barn and I thought I had discovered a secret Heaven located in Halifax. After much boasting about this store that sells any kind of candy tools you could need I was told that they're all over the East coast and but that didn't mean it lost any of it's charm.

Coffee is pretty stellar, a huge amount of magazine stores which I adore, cute boys with beards and sailor toques and a bicycle friendly city. It's a quaint but charming place.
I promise with the New Year some more frequent posts. I've had some trouble with wi-fi lately but as soon as I can find a solid place to "borrow" a connection I will pump out more consistently. Happy New Year and all that jazz.

Christmas Parcels

Sorry about the lapse in posting but I picked up and moved from the lovely Vancouver. Graduated from culinary school and took a trip across the country to make it to my new home in Halifax. So to say the least I've been a busy girl.

I've been dreaming about getting together a batch of solid recipes and preparing some cute packaging ideas along with a couple of business cards to sell some confectioneries at the local farmers market. Though I'm a far cry from materializing it there is always time to day dream.

But in the meantime I had time to squeeze in a huge batch of candies to give to those people I adore during the holidays.

Some adjustments have to be made to some of the recipes. Like the lemon and chocolate caramel didn't quite set the way I would have liked, a little too soft when I enjoy the extra chew. Fudge has never been my forte so it's hard to judge but the sponge toffee blew my mind.

The minty ones were extremely easy to make. The taste was ok if not a little too minty tasty and a little sloppy to look at. Hopefully the second time around with some adjustments made they'll taste even better.

I've always been a fan of chocolate and nuts so the peanut butter cups I thoroughly enjoyed but next time around I might try them with a crunchy butter for more texture.

I think my next challenge is to conquer my fear of marshmallows. I fell upon a pumpkin marshmallow recipe that I've been meaning to get my hands dirty with.

If anyone wants some recipes, just let me know. With all my love have a terrific New Year celebration with dubious amounts of alcohol and friends.

Wedding a Cake

The last week has been a little of a fooling around week. I shouldn't say that, it was a relaxed week before the chaos of final exams and practicals. Our Chef was nice enough to let us all design and create our own wedding cakes.

After all was said and done and we all looked at one of another works and it was nice to see how differently we all took the project. And funny enough each cake reflected each others personality to tee; the color scheme of one girl from Mexico, the daintiness of our mini Martha Stewart, the petite perfection of another, the arty-ness of Miss Marianne and the strong personality of the voice of our class.

It was the first time I really appreciated to the relationship between art and baking. Sometimes it's blind sighted by the fact that you have to churn out a product but the labour and creativity we all exhibited in putting together these cakes really inspired me. Even made me consider how limitless the art of baking can be.

This guy is mine. I choose to do a cherry blossom tree. The more I look at it the more difficult I think about how it would be to portion this baby.

On a topic totally unrelated to cake making I seen the new movie by Todd Haynes called I'm Not There, a somewhat fictitious account of Bob Dylan played by six different actors. Anyone who knows me knows my complete devotion to Bobby D so it was entirely expected that I would love this film but I just want to say from a biased opinion it was one of the most imaginative and well rounded movie I've seen in long time. Cate Blanchet is guaranteed an Oscar for her role as Dylan during his transition from folk singer to the poet with an electric guitar. I would also recommend picking up the soundtrack too, a lot o different interpretations of Zimmerman classics.